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Long Term Insurance


Long Term Insurance

In our quest to render proficient advise and professional service we take utmost care in establishing clients’ needs and tailor individual or group medical aid and insurance packages accordingly.

At Finz Financial Services we are cognisant of the importance of financial planning and are geared to provide and cater for diverse services in the areas of:

Retirement Planning

Long term insurance
• Company Pension Funds
• Individual Retirement Annuities
• Provident Funds
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Protection Planning

Long Term insurance
• Family Protection
• Medical Aid
• Hospital & Disability Insurance
• Keyman Insurance
• Partnership Insurance
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Tax Planning

Long term insurance
• Reducing tax on Investment Income
• Reducing personal Income Tax
• Deriving tax free benefits
• Calculating & providing for Income Tax
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Estate Planning

Long term insurance
• Wills
• Estate Planning
• Reducing estate duty
• Cash for estate duty
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Investment Planning

Long Term Insurance
• Increasing investment income
• Achieving investment balance
• Tax Free investment
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